Small lifestyle garden design


We thought of this as a small lifestyle garden as we tailored the garden design closely to how the owners told us they wanted to spend their time in their outdoor space. We loved how the owners wanted their garden to support their lifestyle and provide an outdoor haven for them to enjoy. They enjoyed gardening and wanted to include a small glass house and more space for growing plants than they previously had, whilst future proofing the garden by including some lawn. They wanted to be able to comfortably walk through the garden barefoot and have a space for sitting and meditating. They also wanted space to sit and watch the sun go down as well as to entertain friends and family.

There were some additional challenges including 2 manhole covers within the existing lawn that could not be moved!

The owners wanted to include quite a few elements with a relatively small space, but good garden design means that beauty and functionality can be combined!


We love the challenge of designing smaller gardens as we can use our creativity to make the space feel much bigger than the owners would have thought possible.

  • Here we changed the main axis of the garden creating an oval shaped lawn (to replace what was a circular lawn) that ran diagonally across the garden. Placing flower beds between the lawn and curved paths also created more depth and and an interesting journey around the space.
  • A slightly raised deck was positioned to hide some awkwardly positioned manhole covers and the decking material was used for the paths to provide a comfortable surface for walking on with bare feet.
  • A bench was set in a secluded corner of the garden, surrounded by lush woodland style planting and with a long view across the garden – again making it feel bigger.
  • We included a combined glass house / storage shed to make the best use of space and allow the owners to indulge their love of plants, as did our planting scheme designed to thrive all year round within the different areas of the garden.