Mediterranean style garden with steep slope and waterfall


We were asked to design this garden in Chearsley, Buckinghamshire which had a steep slope close to the house. We were delighted to take on the challenge of how best to make use of the slopes and create a more useable and inspiring garden space. The owner had spent a lot of time in Greece and had a desire to create a Mediterranean style garden. Much of the planting was tired and in need of a makeover.


We loved looking at how to make use of the dramatic changes of level in this garden. We created a cobbled terrace surrounded by Olive trees and Mediterranean style planting. The multi level terraces were planted to evoke the feel of the mediterranean and provide year round structure and interest. Using a combination of terraces, steps and contouring of the terrain we created a space that was more useable and inviting. Touches of drama included sweeping rope arches smothered in climbers which hamonised with rope handrails that we added to one of the slopes. At one end of the garden we created a secluded place to sit in front of a waterfall that moved down the slope into a reflecting pool. Scented climbers were also used to screen a brick wall and disguise the smell from a nearby oil tank.This Mediterranean style garden also included some lush green planting near the pool to provide a contrast and a sense of discovery when you reach this part of the garden.