Large country garden including lakeside pavillion

  • entrance gates to large country property we designed
  • aerial view of entrance drive and meadow planting
  • ornamental grass with statue as part of garden design
  • water cascades either side of entrance steps within large country garden design
  • new car park within large country garden design
  • ornamental planting as part of new garden entrance
  • woodland walk within large country garden design
  • woodland walk with bench and view of lake
  • aerial view of large country garden design, including a lake
  • lakeside pavillion within large country garden design
  • lake view in large country garden design
  • lake view in large country garden design
  • lake view in large country garden design
  • sculpture next to a lake in large country garden design


The grounds of this property extended to several acres. Some areas had already been designed and built, but other areas had not yet been developed.

We were asked to create proposals for the further development of the site including a new drive and car park, remodelling the entrances to the property, planting of a tree avenue and design around a lake in order to make it feel more of a ‘destination’ within the property. We also considered the possible inclusion of play areas for grandchildren.

animation of the design:


We reconfigured vehicle access, adding a driveway that ran through a tree lined avenue, ornamental grasses and areas of rose meadow. The new drive and car park created a sense of drama and arrival, with guests being greeted by water cascades running down both sides of the steps leading to the house. The drive passes a statue by Simon Gudgeon which emerges from swathes of grasses that move with the wind.
We created a new path and woodland planting that lead through a tree avenue to one side of the property, including Hydreageas and Rhododendrons. One end of the avenue leads to a lake where we designed a lakeside pavillion with an integrated wood store and fire to extend the time that the owners could enjoy this area of the garden and provide an additional area for entertaining.