Garden for health and wellbeing


Our client was a couple who both work from home and are passionate about gardens and the health and wellbeing benefits of being in nature.

The brief was to combine a beautiful private garden with a landscape that can be used for ‘Eco-therapy’ (psychotherapy outdoors).


The design solution combined:

  • An ’Inner’ garden; a beautiful private garden for the couple to relax, entertain and indulge their joy of horticulture, flower arranging and design
  • An ‘Outer’ garden; a more naturalistic landscape that the couple can enjoy and can also be used for 1-1 Eco-therapy (‘Eco-therapy’ , requires a naturalistic landscape with contrasts, transitions and thresholds that may provide rich metaphors and a sense of journey.)

There needed to be a ‘semi permeable’ boundary between them that allowed some privacy within the inner garden when clients are present, but did not make the spaces feel completely separate.

We incorporated contemporary design that harmonised with the natural landscape and enhanced a connection to nature.