Commercial Courtyard cafe


We were asked to redesign a courtyard for merchandising a premium range of Cretan terracotta pots and provide a café area for customers. The key objectives for the design were:

  • To maximise sales of product and return from the site
  • To put the owner’s unique stamp on the site, create a ‘wow factor’ and something that is beautiful
  • To create a destination experience that leaves a lasting impression on visitors


Design solution created a contemporary courtyard that:

  • Is beautiful all year round and allows for stock rotation
  • Is in harmony with the surroundings and the traditional craftsmanship of the product, but with a contemporary design twist
  • Is welcoming and encourages visitors to dwell and explore
  • Effectively showcases and displays carefully curated product
  • Creates a successful balance between having the characteristics of a beautiful garden and having enough space to display product