Care Home Garden

  • plan for care home garden
  • plan for care home garden


Our client asked us to redesign of a care home garden to encourage more use of the garden by residents and a richer sensory experience to help residents with dementia and other age related conditions.


Drawing on our experience of social therapeutic horticulture (STH) though our involvement with Thrive, we redesigned this care home garden to incorporate:

  • Inviting views from the communal areas to encourage residents into the garden
  • A circular dementia track
  • Greenhouses including hydroponics unit for year round growing
  • Raised beds to allow residents to engage in gardening
  • Lawned area and covered pergola for outdoor activities
  • Sensory planting
  • Additional seating and stopping off points
  • A safe water feature to provide sound and tactile experience

There is accumulating evidence that gardens can have a beneficial effect on a range of mental and physical health outcomes. See our blog on why gardens influence our health and wellbeing