During an on-site meeting, which would normally take place after we have been chosen as your designer, we discuss your aspirations for your outside space. We take the time to not only understand what you will use the garden for, but also how you want it to make you feel. Our ultimate aim is to create a garden space where you feel more fully alive and don’t want to leave!

Following this meeting and site analysis, a written brief detailing your requirements is produced and sent to you alongside a fee proposal. Once approved this brief forms the basis for the design development.

Site Survey and Analysis

A full topographical site survey is essential as it provides the detailed information required to complete an accurate design solution. Measurements of existing boundaries, features and levels are combined with analysis of soil conditions, drainage, light levels and any planning issues to give a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities of your site.

We also spend time on site assessing views, getting a ‘feel’ for the space and looking at the surrounding area so that our design is sensitive to place and the environment in which it sits.

Outline / concept design

The next step is the presentation of  a concept proposal, presented as an A3 portfolio , it will outline a master plan, including 3D visuals and mood board imagery. We produce colour rendered drawings and CAD images to convey the overall look and feel of your garden. This document conveys the design intention, but does not provide the detailed information required by a contractor to build the design.

Detailed Design

Once the concept design has been agreed, more detailed design work will be undertaken.  This comprises of construction drawings, planting schemes and specifications, which are then submitted to contractors. We can provide guidance on materials, lighting design, bespoke artworks, outdoor furniture and irrigation.

The detail package provides all the information required for a contractor to produce an accurate estimate and to build the design. 


The detail design drawings serve as the basis for tender. The drawings are sent to potential contractors to allow them produce a costing for assessment. Two or three contractors are contacted to receive a range of quotes.  We can recommend a number of landscape contractors who will deliver work of the highest quality.


With contractors on board, we offer full project management throughout the transformation of your outside space.  This includes overseeing the finances, so that projects are always kept strictly within budget or changes are clearly agreed. We will organise and attend regular site meetings with the contractor to ensure that the design is built to plan and finished to the highest standard. We will also be on hand to deal with any issues that may arise during the build and make revisions to the design where necessary. Construction elements can be phased if required.

Planting design

We provide detailed planting plans, whether as part of a design and landscaping project or rejuvenation of an existing site. We produce a planting scheme unique to your lifestyle and design of your outside space.  We plant according to whatever style of planting you’re after – whether it’s chic and contemporary, a traditional cosy cottage garden, or a wildflower meadow. We plan every aspect of your garden’s transformation, which includes sourcing and planting. We can specify, select and source all plant materials, ensuring that they arrive safely and in prime condition on site.


To ensure that you continue to enjoy your garden over the years, as well as take care of your investment, our services can include provision of a maintenance plan and long-term garden management advice.

We can produce a maintenance schedule for you to follow after project completion. The first two years are particularly important for the successful establishment of your new outside space. When planting is complete, regular site visits can be arranged to ensure all plants have taken correctly and are progressing as expected as well as review how the garden might evolve with you.

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